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Heavy metal from Baghdad

Maybe one day I will manage to create a whole music section for this blog but in the meantime I would like to share a band that just pumps you up! Acrassicauda is a heavy metal band from Iraq I discovered through the documentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”. This was a random spot of luck that came up while I was looking for the band Baghdad Heavy Metal (which, by the way, I would also recommend).

Intrigued, I ended up watching “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”, eager to find out a bit more about something related to heavy metal and to Baghdad. The documentary is really touching as it shows a fragment of every day life in Baghdad and the struggles of the band whether in Iraq, or later in Syria after they have left Iraq. It is available on Youtube (there are nine parts all in all).

I am not particularly a fan of heavy metal – though not against it either – but I do like the mixing of genres, especially of traditional arabic music or celtic music and electric guitars. Acrassicauda have that little touch in some of their songs  – though not exclusively. Here are my two favourite songs, but you might want to check their other tracks. Oh, and if you were wondering, they now live in the U.S.



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